Censoring censorship

How is it possible to bypass censorship?

Caroline Morel

Censoring censorship (Caroline Morel)

This learning activity is twofold, however both aspects are done in workshop groups: 1. The first part of the learning activity is studying several censored messages on many European source documents from the 20th century, to understand the different kinds of censored messages, and to know the material/concrete conditions of their production; the students have to estimate the possibility to have been received even censored, and what the risks for the authors of the message were. It allows to show them that fighting censorship under dictatorship is always dangerous for citizens, they have to learn about different huge risks in it. 2. In the second part of the activity, each group is invited to make suggestions of messages able to bypass censorship, during this time a jury is built.The students have to create some probable or possible message in real conditions according to the period they have chosen. As a conclusion, there can be a contest of the best propositions and commitment to the task. The best team can receive a prize/an award.