Do they have the right to commemorate?

Private commemoration on the graveyard of the Special Camp No. 2 in Buchenwald

Denis Detling


Commemoration means to preserve a memory of another, to remember a person or an event. The wish to be remembered is a universal one. Memorization can be manifested through various narratives and forms and it is influenced by personal, political and other factors. Private narratives could be different from the official. How to cope with or reconcile different narratives and the universal need for memorization? People play different roles during their lives, and have different identities at the same time (for example, mother, daughter, wife, employee, traveller...). The key question is: Could we respect and commemorate the person if we are familiar with the the most of his identities? The workshop deals with the commemoration at the Buchenwald Soviet Special Camp No. 2 and its graveyard.