Forest Brothers

Who were the forest brothers?

Mare Oja and Meelis Maripuu

Forest Brothers in Estonia

The impact of the March Deportation and collectivization in Estonian in the history of Estonia. Waiting for help to re-establish Estonian independence from the west. Armed resistance to the Soviet regime in Estonia 1944–1953. This learning activity is designed to help pupils to overcome stereotypes if there are any. Between forest brothers were people who fight against the power but also people who tried to hide themselves from the power. Various policies of World War II aggressors in different occupied European regions and repressions against the civilians brought about different forms of resistance in 1939-1945. The fact that the Soviet Union and Germany were allies in the beginning of war, but ruthless enemies since June 1941, and the Soviet Union, which was led by Stalin, belonged to the winning coalition, makes it particularly difficult and politically problematic to compare and assess different resistance movements.