Iconic images

What are the iconic images of World War 1?

Helen Snelson

Soldiers in a line

This learning activity is designed to help students to reflect upon their learning about World War 1, and to demonstrate what they have learnt in previous lessons. It is an end of topic activity. Students will use criteria to select images that they regard as iconic in order to present a museum exhibition on the topic of World War 1. The purpose of this exhibition will be to present World War 1 to members of the public. The images they select will need to be contextualised with captions. In order to write these, students will need to apply the knowledge they have acquired about World War 1 and to undertake further research where they find that they still have gaps in their knowledge. The museum exhibition can be simply a classroom wall display or an online presentation. It could be that students are able to present their learning in a more public forum. This idea can be adapted to iconic images of a smaller topic; a part of World War 1. It can also be easily adapted as a summative activity for any other part of the history curriculum for which there are iconic images readily available to students.