Perpetrators or victims?

How should we remember the camp and commemorate its victims, although many of those interned were accused of perpetrating crimes in the Nazi era?

Ilka Braun and Daniel Gaede


This activity tries to challenge black and white categorization of perpetrators and victims when dealing with the practice of internment camps. Taking a look at Stalinist internment practice after the Second World War, particularly by the example of the special camp nr. 2 on the site of the former concentration camp Buchenwald, students will have to challenge their perception of “Perpetrator” and “Victim” by critically analyzing personal backgrounds of people interned in the camp between 1945 and 1950. Furthermore, the problem of remembrance of soviet camps and their victims in the after war period gets touched at: How to remember a camp system and commemorate its victims, although many interned were supposed Nazi perpetrators?