Remembering the assassination in Sarajevo

What can memorials reveal about the significance of the assassination of Franz-Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip to people in power in Sarajevo 1914-2014?

Helen Snelson and Melisa Foric

Gavrillo Princip in prison

This learning activity is designed to help students to develop their understanding of historical significance. They do this by learning about the ways in which the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand has been memorialised between 1914-2014. They use a card-sorting activity to connect each memorial that has been placed on the site to the interests of the people in power in Sarajevo at the time the memorial was constructed. This enables them to discuss with their peers how to describe the significance of the assassination to people in power between 1914-2014. The final task asks them to explain how and why the site has been differently significance to different people across the century since the start of World War 1.