The role of postcards in World War 1

How far do postcards reveal what happened in World War 1?

Ineke Veldhuis-Meester

Postcard from WW1

This activity asks students to look at the different ways the war is presented by the postcards that both soldiers from the front and their family and friends from home sent each other. These postcards enable them also to have a look into the daily lives of ordinary people.They mirror the mood of the troops and the nation; by matching the message and mood presented in the postcards with the phases of the war students can detect when the postcards are sent, and how they reflect the course of the war or what the home front should be told. Students will discover that postcards are also a propaganda tool like recruitment posters. Postcards can take different forms like drawings, cartoons, photographs and combinations of these; Students can get an insight in values and habits of the world of 1914-1918.