Teaching Methods

Drama and Roleplay

Drama techniques let students face a historical fact through make-believe - as if it is a moment of their own lives- and deal with “real” persons in “real-life” circumstances. Students get involved in the process. That means that they become able to handle different and difficult historical events, to feel the strength and the impact of these facts, to understand why and how someone acted the way he did in a certain historical time… and to empathise with the people who faced similar situations throughout History. History deals with a variety of human actions that demand empathy and imagination to understand. Through drama and role play students can ‘stand in their shoes’ and adopt the perspective of the other. As a result, they can better understand the consequences of events for the people involved. By using movement and gestures, students can understand in more depth; for example, the position of characters in relation to each other can be made more clear.

Learning Activities